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When you contact Quinta Metálica, you are connecting up with several professionals who have taken part (in other companies or in Quinta Metálica) in a large number of projects

We understand that when drawing up an architectural solution that includes this type of covering (not traditional in Spain), participation from an industrial company with experience can help a great deal. For this reason, we are making this experience available to you to help you develop the different phases of your project.

During the 'basic' phase of your project:

technical advice to architects
  • Help in selecting the metal (or metals) for the covering using a wide ranging photograph library, new samples and naturally aged samples.
  • Advice on the possibilities for each metal (maximum dimensions, durability, etc.)
  • Warning of possible problems and their solutions in specific cases, etc.
  • Explanation of the possible installation systems in the metal (or metals) chosen in all their aspects - aesthetics, technical, support requirements, thermal design, etc.
  • Economical evaluation of the covering to be included in the project.
technical seminars

During the 'executive' phase of your project

metallic curtain walls
  • Carrying out the constructive details (by hand or in AutoCAD) showing the metal and the constructive solution, backed up by real models if necessary.
  • Drawing up a detailed descriptive report for the covering
  • Producing a provision exploded drawing for the roof and/or facade in AutoCAD

We are here to help the project get underway and use our experience to save others extra work. It is absolutely free of charge.

building envelopes


On our website you will find documentation on the metals, the systems and the roofs, facades and metal interiors in general. In addition, you can download descriptive reports for each metal, general building drawings of roofs and facades and building details. If you need more information, please contact our Servicio de Asesoramiento.


Technical seminars

metallic roofs

If you do not currently have a project on the go but you are interested in finding out about these solutions, we offer a talk lasting an hour and a half in your office, including a technical presentation on the type of metal covering that we install. This includes the following topics:

metallic curtain walls
  • The metals available on the market nowadays showing their different initial finishes and their subsequent evolution after being exposed to the elements.
  • A summary of the implementation systems on facades and roofs
  • The thermal design to avoid condensation problems
  • Examples of construction systems
  • Possible problems (such as the galvanic torque in the case of copper) and how to solve them
  • Economic guidelines
  • Examples of completed jobs

This is free of charge and its content is based on the format established for talks for Professional Vocational Training for the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) in the United Kingdom.


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For technical consultancy on your project, please contact Quinta Metalica and we will be happy to help you.









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