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Common characteristics

aluminium curtain walls

Marino Lejarreta Cycling Stadium, Berriz. Pre-patinated zinc roof (caption)

The metals

Quinta Metálica's work is focused on installing copper, zinc, stainless steel, titanium and lead, although we also install aluminium. In the case of lead, only the natural finish is installed, but for the other metals there is a wide variety of surfaces (pre-patinated and coloured, in addition to different alloys) that provide many aesthetic and technical possibilities.

metallic covering of roofs
metallic curtain wall for interiors

The surfaces of the metals we work with are natural. They do not need any type of lacquer or paint to be protected from the elements. Some of the metals in their 'natural' (raw) state go through normal and natural processes due to their reaction to the atmosphere and form a layer of patina that automatically protects them (or they already come pre-patinated from the factory). Other metals are so corrosion-resistant that they do not need further protection. Therefore we can see the metal in their colour, with the small differences from sheet to sheet that give the work a natural look.

It is pleasant. to look at as it ages The formation of its patinas on its different colours provides each project with a high quality, unique identity. As opposed to painted metals, its look improves over time.



metallic curtain walls for façades

All our metals have very good and often excellent durability. The estimated durability for each metal is given in its file or on the corresponding page. However, in the worst case this is estimated at 40 years, whilst normally this estimation would be more than one hundred years.



None of the metals we work with requires maintenance or cleaning. In addition, they are self-healing so that if their protective patina layer is damaged during installation or afterwards, it reforms naturally to 'close' the wound.

copper curtain wall

Detached house in Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid. Tinned copper facade. (caption)

zinc curtain wall

Regional Animal Health Laboratory, Villaquilambre, León. Pre-patinated zinc facade. (caption)



The cost of each metal and each surface is different, but the complexity of the work logically influences the installation cost enormously. Accurate information cannot be given without finding out more about the site and the chosen metal. However, our experience with architects and promoters is that they usually over-estimate the initial cost of noble metal panelling. We would ask you to request a commitment-free quote from us to be able to consider this option with accurate and reliable data.


Architectural flexibility

zinc curtain wall
stainless steel curtain wall

The great architectural advantage of these metals is that, installed with seam systems, they can cover any shape or volume. Good malleability assures that the joints between metal sheets can be shaped with simple or complex curves and join different planes, so that the whole building is covered with the same system, and the same material, giving an extremely pure solution.



The environment really concerns Quinta Metálica. Consequently we have obtained the ISO14001 certificate for environmental management. In general, the metals we work with are also ecological. All metals are recycled, long lasting and (except for lead) non toxic.

For more information on the different finishes available in each metal, refer to the other files on our metals.

titanium curtain wall

Tecma Building, Alzira. Roof and facade made of pre-oxidised copper. (caption)

Our metals have several qualities that make them particularly appropriate for covering roofs and facades:

  • They do not restrict the architect's creativity. If it can be built, Quinta Metálica can cover it.
  • They provide great 'added value' to the building, making it stand out from the rest.
  • They have excellent resistance to corrosion and therefore also good to extraordinary durability.
  • None of them requires any maintenance or cleaning.
  • They provide very light panelling (except for lead) and save structural costs.
  • Except for lead, they are not toxic, and have no effect on the environment.

However, we have to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • We need a continuous and smooth roof support (easy to build).
  • We need a continuous or semi-continuous facade support for seam systems. A batten is sufficient for panel systems.
  • Exposed to the elements, the formation of several patinas and oxides change the look of the metal considerably (for the better) and it is advisable to see aged sampled to guide your choice of colour for other materials on the site. We recommend requesting a visit from our consultant to see new samples and samples that have been changing out in the open.
copper curtain wall
zinc curtain wall
copper curtain wall
titanium curtain wall

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