fachada cobre natural

‘TECU® Classic’ natural copper

natural copper roof

Bodega Casona Micaela, Villa Verde de Trucios, Cantabria. Natural copper facade. (caption)


natural copper façades
natural copper roofs

Natural copper has an unmistakable colour. The initial reddish salmon tones quickly change into darker colours, ending up in a dark brown colour after 3 to 5 years. During this process, it passes through several reddish brown tones becoming gradually darker, giving a very particular life to all the works that it covers.

Sometimes we find that the architect is reticent to choose natural copper, given its shiny and distinctive look when new. However, this aspect does not last long once it has been exposed to the elements. It loses its shine quickly to blend in perfectly with other materials. Natural copper combines very well with other natural materials used in construction, particularly stone and wood.

natural copper curtain wall

Facade with natural copper, detached house, Guarda, Portugal. (caption)

Fitted on the facade, the dark brown colour is the final colour - it does not change anymore. However, used on a roof, after several more years there is a gradual change towards the green-blue colour that is so characteristic of copper. There are few buildings with this look in Spain given that its use here is relatively recent and that the reasonably dry climate in many areas of the Peninsular slows down its formation.

It is important to be aware of the colours of these materials when selecting other materials and finishes / colours (stone, lacquered woodwork, etc.) for the job so we recommend that you contact us to request new samples or even better, request a visit from our technical consultant so you can be shown new samples and some that have been aged by exposure for these materials.

For more information on the different finishes available in copper, please take a look at the other files on our metals.


Other characteristics

All the qualities associated with copper can be applied to natural copper. For more information, see the copper file.

Natural copper can be used in the following systems of ours:

  • Seam (roof and facade)
  • Bar joint
  • Butt joint (scales)
  • Facade panels
  • Cassette panels
natural copper curtain walls

Copper facade, Atlantic Interpretation Centre, Huelva. (caption)

More Information (TECU® Classic - natural copper)

Thickness on seam / butt joint for roof: 0,6 and 0,7mm
Thickness on seam / butt joint for facade 0,6 and 0,7 and 0,8mm
Thickness in facade panels 0,7 to 1,0mm
Maximum manufacturing dimensions Width 1250mm, unlimited length
Specific weight 8,91kg / dm3
Weight installed on roof or facade with seam / butt joint 6kg (0,6mm), 7kg (0,7mm)
Fusion point 1083ºC
Thermal dilation 1,7mm / m / 100ºC
Traction resistance (annealed copper / hard copper) 220 N/mm2 / 290N/mm2
Manufacturing standard UNE EN 1172
natural copper façades



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