fachada cobre pre-oxidado

‘TECU® Oxid’ pre-oxidised copper

pre-oxidized copper roof

Tecma Building, Alzira. Roof and facade made of pre-oxidised copper. (caption)


pre-oxidized copper façade, pre-oxidized copper roofs
pre-oxidized copper curtain wall

Pre-oxidised copper shows the dark brown colour of natural copper that nature takes 3 to 5 years to appear. It is real oxidation of the surface area on both sides, carried out in controlled circumstances in the factory.

Despite being produced in an industrial process, TECU® Oxid presents tone differences that provide texture and life to the facades and roof that they cover. These differences can be major at first, but gradually diminish without disappearing altogether.

pre-oxidized copper curtain walls
pre-oxidized copper façade

It has a shiny appearance initially that is progressively lost as it is exposed to the elements until it ends up as an elegant dark matt brown.

Initially and whilst it hardens, it is relatively easy to damage the surface of TECU® Oxid, making it difficult to handle. For optimal results when using this material, it is important to take special care. Quinta Metálica vast experience in fitting this metal, indoors and outdoors and our workshop and on site operators are familiar with the special requirements for this product. Quinta Metálica is a TECU® Partner, installer recognised as the manufacturer, KMS's choice for this product.

pre-oxidized copper curtain walls

Andorra de Vella Congress Centre Stair exits covered in pre-oxidised copper. (caption)

It is important to be aware of the colours of these materials when selecting other materials and finishes / colours (stone, lacquered woodwork, etc.) for the work so we recommend that you contact us to request new samples or even better, request a visit from our technical consultant so you can be shown new samples and samples that have been aged by exposure for these materials.

For more information on the different finishes available in copper, please take a look at the other files on our metals.

The price of this material is somewhat higher than for natural copper and so it is advisable to get a quote from Quinta Metálica for the project in question to avoid any surprises during the tender process.


Other characteristics

All the qualities associated with copper can be applied to pre-oxidised copper. For more information, see the copper file.

Pre-oxidised copper can be used in the following systems of ours:

  • Seam (roof and facade)
  • Bar joint
  • Butt joint (scales)
  • Facade panels
  • Cassette panels*

*The width of this material is limited to 670mm, and so its use in cassette panels is not particularly logical as this system mainly exists to attain large panels. Instead of cassette panels, pre-oxidised copper is usually used in facade panels.

pre-oxidized copper curtain walls

TECMA Building, Alzira. Roof and facades made of pre-oxidised copper with butt joints. (caption)

More Information (TECU® Oxid pre-oxidised copper)

Thickness on seam / butt joint for roof: 0,6 and 0,7mm
Thickness on seam / butt joint for facade 0,6 and 0,7mm
Thickness in facade panels 0,7
Maximum manufacturing dimensions Width 670mm, unlimited length
Specific weight 8,91kg / dm3
Weight installed on roof or facade with seam / butt joint 6kg (0,6mm), 7kg (0,7mm)
Fusion point 1083ºC
Thermal dilation 1,7mm / m / 100ºC
Traction resistance (annealed copper / hard copper) 220 N/mm2 / 290N/mm2
Manufacturing standard UNE EN 1172
pre-oxidized copper façade



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