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Quinta Metálica was set up to provide building companies with a high quality service in terms of supplying and fitting metal panelling.

This type of covering using metals such as copper or zinc is not usual in our country although more and more people are requesting it due to the promotion carried out by the metal manufacturers among architects. Due to this increase in demand there is logically scarce expert and well managed workforce, sometimes leading to unsatisfactory results on site and problems for the builder.

Quinta Metálica solves this problem by combining a well trained and efficient workforce with a manufacturing workshop equipped for any type of site with correct and professional factory and site management. The result is that there are no invoices pending for over 100 sites completed to date. This demonstrates our customer's satisfaction with the service we provided.



The aspects of our company that we would like to emphasise here are:

metallic curtain walls Spain
  • Our competitiveness. The efficacy of our way of working helps us to compete economically in calls for tender against our competitors. Strong growth over the last three years reinforces the notion that Quinta Metálica is gaining ground in the market.
  • Commitment to quality. We chose to obtain the ISO 9001 certificate because it imposes a management procedure controlling how we work. On site this leads to correct work and deadlines met on time. We also have the ISO 14001.
  • Frequently we assembly the metal support (board, corrugated sheets, etc.), insulation panels, bars, insulation and secondary structures on the facade to make it easier to adjudicate the covering and also to facilitate the builder's management work.
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  • We have the capability to carry out large jobs over many thousands of square metres, but we do not turn away small jobs of only a few dozen metres even if they are a long way from our office and workshop.
  • We work over the whole mainland, Balearics, Canary Islands and Portugal.
  • We mainly install copper, zinc and stainless steel. We have installed titanium and lead on several sites in addition to metal mesh made of copper and lacquered aluminium on several double skin facades.
metallic roofs Spain
  • We are the first and at the time of writing the only company in Spain to obtain the status of ‘TECU® Partner’ for KME, our copper provider. This reflects the KME's recognition for work done by Quinta Metálica and our commitment to installing our products perfectly.
  • We have been recognised by VM Zinc, Rheinzink, Arcelor/Ugine and Nipón Steel as reliable and expert installers of their metals. We have also been recognised by Teznocuber for installing their insulation panels that we use as support on some jobs.

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