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Brass, Bronze, Gold


Each alloy has its own colour and in each case this evolves differently.



Brass facade. Photo courtesy of KME (caption)

The TECU® Brass that we use has a gold look when it is clean and new. Exposure to the elements quickly gives it reddish golden and brown colours. Its evolution is lively, making the metal sheets look different over the first few months of exposure. These differences tend to diminish over time, without completely disappearing, maintaining their natural bright look.

On the facade the final colour will be a matt dark brown, with green and greyish shades, attained after several years. On the roof however, after an estimated 15 to 20 years, a green patina layer will appear, very similar to the patina developed by copper.




Bronze columns. Photo courtesy of KME

Bronze (non exposed) is a very similar colour to new natural copper. So much so that it is easy to mix them up. However, installed on the outside, the development of the TECU® Bronce oxides and patinas is must more disciplined, due to the presence of tin that moderates the metal's reaction to atmospheric elements. The colour changes much more gradually to darker reddish tones with a greyish and matt background.

On the facade the final tone will be dark brown anthracite. On the roof this colour resists the change to the typical green colours of aged copper, so that we estimate that this transformation will take several decades to occur.


TECU® Gold

TECU® Gold inside Photo courtesy of KME (caption)

TECU® Gold facade Photo courtesy of KME

This material is a special alloy mainlycopper, aluminium and zinc. Its appearance is golden, as its name suggests. As opposed to the other alloys and natural copper, this metal barely changes its look when it is exposed to the outside - it only loses a little shine and darkens slightly.

It is a unique material in the respect that it is a coloured metal (not grey) and it does not change over its lifetime, making it particularly appropriate to cover volumes in which facades and roofs are intermixed or simply to cover buildings with a warm golden colour that will not undergo changes over the years.

It is important to be aware of the colours of these materials when selecting other materials and finishes / colours (stone, lacquered woodwork, etc.) for the work so we recommend that you contact us to request new samples or even better, request a visit from our technical consultant so you can be shown new samples and some that have been aged by exposure for these materials.

For more information on the different finishes available in copper, refer to the other files on our metals.


Other characteristics

All the qualities associated with copper can be applied to these alloys. For more information, see the copper file. They are particularly suitable to cover facades, where its greater flatness is appreciated.

They can be used in the following systems of ours:

  • Seam (roof and facade)
  • Bar joint
  • Butt joint (scales)
  • Facade panels
  • Cassette panels*

*The width of Gold is currently limited to 670mm, so there is no point in using it for cassette panels that require larger panels.

Brass facade. Photo courtesy of KME (caption)

More Information (copper alloys)

Brass Bronze TECU® Gold
Thickness on seam / butt joint for roof: 0,5mm 0,5mm 0,5mm
Thickness on seam / butt joint for facade 0,7mm 0,7mm 0,7mm
Thickness on facade panels 0,7 to 1,0mm 0,7 to 1,0mm 0,7 to 1,0mm
Maximum manufacturing dimensions Width 1000mm, unlimited length Width 1000mm, unlimited length Width 670mm, unlimited length
Specific weight 8,75kg/dm3 8,85kg/dm3 8,18kg/dm3
Weight installed on roof or facade in seam / butt joint 6kg (0,6mm), 7kg (0,7mm)
Fusion point 1000 – 1025ºC 950 - 1070ºC 950 - 1080ºC
Thermal dilation 1,85mm/m/100ºC 1,7mm/m/100ºC 1,7mm/m/100ºC
Traction resistance 260-310N/mm2 290-390N/mm2 450-570N/mm2
Manufacturing Standard UNE EN1791 UNE EN1172 UNE EN1172

Data for TECU® Brass (Brass CuZn15), TECU® Bronze (Bronze CuSn4)


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