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Quinta Metálica is a company dedicated to supplying and installing copper, zinc, stainless steel, titanium and lead panelling. We cover facades, roofs and interiors with these metals.

We are a relatively new company, set up at the start of 2004, although our staff has vast experience in this sector.

We work all over Spain and Portugal, making our mark all over the Peninsular, with over 120 finished jobs up to the end of July 2007.

We do small and large jobs and we can provide all building work completely installed under the metal if required (wood supports, substructure, fitting insulation, panels, bars, ventilation strips, etc.)

We currently have over 50 people working on our own staff.

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We hold the ISO 9001 certificate. This certifies that we have a management process implanted in Quinta Metálica assuring that we actually do what we say we're doing. It represents reliability guarantee for everyone.

We hold the ISO 14001 certificate. This certifies that we have a management process for our waste and residue (although we produce relatively little waste due to the nature of our work). It assures that our waste on site, in the workshop and in our office is always left in the correct place or duly recycled. It shows our commitment to the environment.

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At the time of writing, Quinta Metálica is the only TECU® Partner for KME in Spain. KME, world leader in copper manufacturing, is our copper supplier and only awards this status to companies that have demonstrated they are capable of installing their products adhering to a high level of quality.


Human Team

There are currently around 50 people working for Quinta Metálica.

We are organised into three main areas

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  • Works Area. This is the majority of the staff as almost all the operators at Quinta Metálica are direct employees. These operators are organised into small teams led by a team manager. Team managers are directly responsible for the jobs they are completing, supervised on site and from the office by several technical experts. This area also includes people working in the workshop preparing the material to be sent to the site.
  • Metal Area.
  • Consultancy Area. A team advises architects and promoters on the possibilities that Quinta Metálica offers for building work.


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Quinta Metálica has a completely equipped factory. The material processing machines come from Germany; they are the most advanced currently available on the market and they help us to achieve great results. In addition, we have manufactured different types of equipment with our own design to make work easier in the workshop and when sending material to the site.



Quality and Environmental policy

Quinta Metalica looks after the Environment

Work at Quinta Metalica focuses on the field of construction, specifically supplying and installing metal coverings on indoor and outdoor roofs and facades, using specific materials such as copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, etc.

Quinta Metalica, also supplies and installs the necessary supports such as insulation, battens, sandwich boards, geo-textile filters, wooden boards, etc. for complete execution and finish on the roofs or facades.

In the same way Quinta Metalica, supplies and installs all the elements and accessories to collect rainwater such as hidden or visible gutters, drainpipes, outlets, elbows, valleys, hips, etc. to guarantee that the roof or facade works correctly.

The main aim of Quinta Metalica, is to carry out this entire series of activities with the highest levels of quality and requirement, making our work compatible with sustainable development. We intend for our work to help us meet commitments made to our customers, meet legal regulations and requisites (particularly related to environmental aspects) and as far as possible, we anticipate their needs and offer all our technical potential and experience to seek out the best solutions for their projects

Copper smelted in accordance with non aggressive standards

The Quinta Metalica, organisation has made a decided commitment to continuous improvement dynamics, both in terms of the environment and quality. This main aim should be achieved with maximum efficiency so that quality, respecting the environment and profitability are conclusive goals to attain satisfaction from our customers, company staff and the different interest groups.
To do this, an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System has been set up based on requisites established by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards, structured around this Quality and Environment policy.

In accordance with the above, the whole organisation at Quinta Metalica is focussed on meeting the following General Targets:

  • Maximizing meeting customers' requirement levels so that we can offer them a complete guarantee for completed work.
  • Minimising the time and costs of the work and installation services.
  • Minimising any errors that might occur during installation and applying error prevention plans, continuous controlled by the Technical Board.
  • Preventing contamination of the area by completely removing all possible waste generated during our work.

These Targets are specified and deployed within specific targets and instructions that are continuously evaluated and controlled by the Technical Board, who will report their conclusions to the Management committee.

Quinta Metalica, Management is committed to providing the necessary means to meet these targets by implementing the following priority directives:

  • The whole Quinta Metalica organisation is implicated in improving our completed services and installations, improving efficiency for our processes and reducing the negative environmental impacts derived from them. Preventing mistakes always takes priority over resolution and should be carried out immediately. This is helped by constantly improving our staff's professional skills by means of continuous training plans.
  • All legal requirements and regulations affecting how our work develops should be satisfied at all times, including any related to associated environmental aspects.
  • All employees must be involved in detecting, analysing and subsequently correcting inefficiency and bad practice that can cause quality and environment problems, plus eliminating their causes. Any deviations or mistakes detected, plus complaints, claims or suggestions received by our clients must be considered as a source of information and opportunities for improvement.
  • In order to make sure that our jobs and services are completed correctly, we must constantly and increasingly demand maximum quality from our suppliers and subcontractors concerning their products or services in addition to continuously evaluating them, making sure that their services or products offer maximum guarantees and respect the environment.

In order to achieve continuous improvement for the Quality and Environmental Management System and always bearing in mind the aforementioned General Targets, Quinta Metalica Management ratifies all the above plus its firm commitment to offer maximum quality to customers, considering this to be an inseparable trait of the people within our organisation.

Mechanisms have been set up as required so that everyone within the organisation is aware of, has understood and is following the aforementioned Policy.

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