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Producing metal coverings.

Quinta Metálica was set up to provide companies with a high quality service in terms of supply and fitting metal panelling.

This type of covering using metals such as copper or zinc is not usual in our country although more and more people are asking for it due to metal manufacturers promoting it among architects. Due to this increase in demand there are logically few experts and a lack of well managed workforce that sometimes leads to unsatisfactory results on site and problems for the builder.

Quinta Metálica solves this problem by combining a well trained and efficient workforce with a manufacturing workshop equipped for any type of site with correct and professional factory and site management. The result is that no invoices are pending for over 100 sites completed to date. This demonstrates our customer's satisfaction with the service we provided.

Brief summary of how we work.

Our experience in Belgium and the United Kingdom has shown us that metal panelling looks better when pre-fabricated in a workshop. The workshop holds the heaviest machines that do the best joining, profiling, folding and cutting. It is true that it is much easier to send the metal to the site on a coil, along with a profiler and light joiner, equipment with manual tools to 'work the site' although this does not usually give optimum results. For this reason, Quinta Metálica always follows the fitting process described below.

  • Step 1
    Measuring the site. We measure the site when the direct support has already been installed (the support directly below the metal).
  • Step 2
    We draw the site in AutoCAD just as we measured it.
  • Step 3
    We itemise the site. We base our work on government guidelines or, in their absence, our own experience and common sense. If this refers to a visible roof and always on facades, once this exploded view is complete, we consult the builder or the Ministry of Public Works before continuing.
  • Step 4
    Once the exploded view has been approved, we draw up a profiling order for our workshop. This gives details of all the parts required to cover the site. These parts are packaged up carefully to guarantee reaching the site in perfect condition.
  • Step 5
    Parts received from the workshop are fitted using the techniques and the checks implanted by the management. Operators receive all the information required to carry out the exploded view as given by the builder or the Ministry of Public Works. During fitting, traditional methods and techniques are used from Germany, Belgium and the UK to produce the technical details on site. This is extremely important as these techniques are absolutely tried and tested in their countries of origin where these materials are traditionally used. This makes us unique in the sector. This results from the origins of two of our directors (from Belgium and England) and their professional experience in companies such as VM zinc or KME (in Belgium and in the United Kingdom and Germany respectively) and simply due to the enthusiasm of everyone at Quinta Metálica to 'get things right'.

This can all be summarised as 'the Quinta Metálica® system' certified by the ISO 9001.


Technical advice to architects

We offer a technical consultancy service in project phase for architects. We understand that to prescribe a project like this for 'non traditional' panelling in Spain, participation from an industrial company with our experience can help a great deal.

This service includes general consultancy in their office, drawing up building details, supply of descriptive reports, disassembly of the roof or the facades, drawing up real quotes for the project and also producing models or supplying samples and other support elements for the project.

We are here to help the project get underway and use our experience to save others extra work. This service is completely free of charge.



Technical seminars

We offer a talk in your office lasting an hour and half consisting of a technical presentation of the metals (and their different finishes) available on the market nowadays, a summary of the application systems for facades and roofs, thermal design to prevent condensation problems, examples of building systems, possible problems (such as galvanic torque in the case of copper) and how to solve them, economic guidance.

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