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Natural zinc roof

CEl Torcal de Antequera Nature Park Visitors' Centre, Málaga. Natural zinc roof (caption)


zinc roof
zinc façades

The natural colour of zinc is light metallic silver. Exposed to the elements, this colour loses its shine gradually whilst darkening a little over time to finish in a bluish-grey colour. The colour of the metal develops more slowly on facades than on roofs but in the end both attain the same tone, taking approximately 2 years and 1 year respectively to reach this mature state.


Other finishes

There are several very elegant finishes, mainly in different tones of grey.

zinc roofs
zinc curtain wall

The most popular tones are pre-patinated grey, which has light satin grey tones. It is similar to the colour that natural zinc takes after exposure to the elements for several months. This colour is stable on facades and roofs, barely changing tone. It is a colour that looks light and modern, used more on facades than on roofs given the extra time required for a facade to become patinated.

The range continues with a very dark pre-patinated, anthracite, satin tone. It combines very well with slate and other natural materials.

A new tone has been added to these two traditional colours. This refers to pre-patinated tones with shades of blue, red and green. These colours keep the metallic texture of zinc, providing a subtle yet distinctive look to the work. Quinta Metálica was the first installer in Spain to work with the bluish zinc from this new range.

zinc curtain walls

Houses in Astilleros, Santander. Blue pigmented zinc roof (caption)

For more information on the different finishes available in zinc, please take a look at the other files on our metals.

Other characteristics

Zinc has several qualities that make it particularly appropriate for covering roofs and facades:

  • Good resistance to corrosion and long lasting as follows: Industrial/marine atmosphere: 40 and 50 years; in the city: 60 years; in a rural location: over 80 years.
  • It does not require any maintenance or cleaning.
  • It is very malleable.
  • 100% recyclable, with no limit to the number of recycling times; it is not toxic and there are plenty of resources.
  • It welds well although it is important to use the correct filling metal and stripper.
  • It is compatible with other metals usually used in building.

However, we have to pay close attention to the following aspects:

  • Condensation on the inside of the metal can cause the zinc to corrode from the inside out. It is important to install a ventilation membrane to air its inside, on ventilated and non ventilated roofs/facades. The problem is also solved using zinc that has been lacquered on the inside.
  • It is important not to work on the zinc below 7ºC.

Zinc can be used in the following systems of ours:

  • Seam (roof and facade)
  • Bar joint
  • Butt joint (scales)
  • Facade panels
  • Cassette panels

The following materials can be used a direct support with a ventilation membrane:

  • Water-repellent board, 19 mm thick
  • Rigid insulation
  • Plywood board
  • Corrugated metal
  • Masonry on facades whenever this is flat and smooth

Pine decking can be used (treated in special autoclave), either 18 or 22mm with 5 to 10mm imprints between the planks without needing the ventilation membrane.

The following separating sheets/ventilation membranes can be used

  • Only ventilation membranes (compulsory except with decking support)
zinc façade

Marino Lejarreta Cycling Stadium, Berriz. Pre-patinated zinc roof (caption)

zinc roof

Regional Animal Health Laboratory, Villaquilambre. Pre-patinated zinc facade (caption)

More information (titanium zinc)

Thickness on seam / butt joint* for roof: 0,65 and 0,8mm
Thickness on seam / butt joint for facade 0,65 to 0,8mm
Thickness in facade panels or cassette panels 0,8 to 1,0mm
Maximum manufacturing dimensions Width 1000mm, unlimited length
Specific weight 7,2kg / dm3
Weight installed on roof or facade with seam / butt joint 5,2kg (0,65mm),5,6kg (0,7mm), 6,5kg (0,8mm)
Fusion point 419,5ºC
Thermal dilation 2,2mm / m / 100ºC
Traction resistance >150N/mm2
Manufacturing standard UNE EN 988
zinc façades



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