metallic curtain walls for interiors


revestimiento metalico interiores

Inside the Hotel Silken, Barcelona (caption)


Here we will look briefly at possibilities for metal interiors.

Given that the covering is purely decorative (it is not intended for protection as on the outside), the options for joints and fastening methods indoors are greater and we have a wider 'field' in which to be creative.

flat lock joint
standing seam joint

Nevertheless, the butt joint system that we use for outdoors is effective for indoor panelling and the join between the metal sheets is appropriate for areas where the general public and particularly children are going to be touching and rubbing against this metal. It is also very flexible in terms of panelling curved walls and, although the join is basically flat, it gives a certain texture to the wall providing interest and 'charm' to the area. If this is for a private area, the angle seam is another option.

All the metals in their various finishes that we use outdoors can be used indoors. In addition, there are finishes patinated by hand that widened the range of aesthetic possibilities.

Hand-crafted patinated finishes

Quinta Metálica offers interior designers exclusive finishes to create a unique atmosphere for their project. This refers to several finishes patinated by hand on sheets of brass, copper and bronze that are later protected with a shiny or satin transparent varnish. It can also be protected by applying a very fine layer of wax for outdoor applications. In all cases, the finish offers a sensation of warmth, quality and nature that cannot be attained with industrial methods. The difference in tones and the drawings that they generate on each sheet of metal are particularly attractive. The photos below show some of the finishes available.

interior brass curtain wall


interior copper curtain wall

Inside the Tecma building, Alzira. Pre-oxidised copper walls (caption)

Direct support

interior bronze curtain wall

The support has to be reasonably smooth and regular, as any appreciable defect will be transmitted through the covering and will be visible. We use the following types:

  • Water repellent board
  • DM planks
  • Plaster board boards
  • Well smoothed masonry wall
  • OSB
metallic curtain walls

Chimney covered with pre-oxidised copper in the Hotel Oasis, Benidorm (caption)

Aesthetic protection

It is advisable to protect some of the metals if they are going to be in contact with people in the inner space, to prevent finger marks or to be able to clean them quickly and easily. In some cases, this is done with varnish, in others by applying a special wax. Consult Quinta Metálica for more information.

metallic curtain walls for interiors

Wall covered with pre-patinated copper in a detached house (caption)


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